General Director of the Vietnam Railway Corporation Vu Ta Tung speaks with the Tuoi tre (Youth) Newspaper about using e-tickets to deal with the holiday rush for Tet (Lunar New Year occasion).

* What changes will be made to selling service business ?

We will put an e-ticket selling system into operation on Thong Nhat (north-south) train routes which handle the most traffic during Tet. This basic change will create an easier and fairer ticket-selling experience.

*How will the e-ticket plan be implemented?

On the VNRC's website (, we have published all the information regarding the e-ticket system. The website provides detailed instructions to help passengers select desired seats, railroad cars and dates. Passengers can also still pay by the usual methods of cash and credit cards.

As planned, the VNRC will put the e-ticket system into operation on November 21 and start selling e-tickets for Tet from December 1 onwards.

During the plan's first period, only tickets for railway routes between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will be sold. Tickets for other routes will continue to be sold through the old system. The e-ticket system will be perfected and have more functions and utilities in time for the second period.

*Previously, people found the long ticketing lines during the Tet period to be so unbearable. Will the situation be dealt with this year?

People can be seated anywhere when they purchase railway e-tickets: on a home computer, smart phone or tablet. This will avoid the issue of long lines. Our system can handle two million accesses at any given time.

*How else is VNRC preparing for Tet?

We will mobilise all our facilities for Tet, especially on the Hanoi-HCM City route. When performing at maximum capacity, these trains can serve 12,000 passengers daily, going one direction. Other shorter routes can serve between 5,500 to 13,000 passengers daily, going one direction.

We may also increase the number of trains based on the demand during Tet. Experience shows that we've managed to satisfy only 20-25 percent of the demand during the holiday's peak period, the five days leading up to Tet.-VNA