The Muslim community in Indonesia- which makes up over 86 percent of the 240 million-strong population in the world’s largest Islamic country - began celebrating the Ramadan month on June 29.

During the holy month, they abstain from food, drink, cigarette and other pleasures from sunrise to sunset.

Ramadan is the time Muslims believe God started to reveal the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. For believers, Ramadan is meant to be a time of reflection and worship, remembering the hardships of others and being charitable.

Indonesia ’s largest Muslim organisation Nahdlatul Ulama with 40 million members started the holy month on June 29 as determined by the government, while the second biggest one, Muhammadiyah, with 30 million followers, began the month earlier at the midnight of June 28.

The Jakarta Department of Tourism and Culture has demanded all local entertainment service suppliers to halt their operations to show respect to the ritual. As many as 9.719 entertainment centres, 239 hotels and 3,268 restaurants are forecast to be affected by this order.

Only 915 local bars and clubs are allowed to open from 20:30pm to 1:30am the following day.

About 33 percent of night activities in Jakarta will be frozen during the month, while some other entertainment networks such as cinema, spas, gyms and zoos will remain operational.-VNA