A series of events will be held to mark the 20th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK), reported the RoK Cultural Centre at the RoK Embassy in Vietnam in Hanoi on October 1.

Park Nark Jong, Director of the RoK Cultural Centre, said that a lot of cultural and music exchanges are currently underway across both countries to celebrate the Vietnam – RoK Friendship Year 2012.

The highlight in October is a classical concert in Hanoi, featuring famous Korean musician Sumi Jo and the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, a Korean language festival scheduled to run from October 12-27 is expected to draw 2,000 students from 20 universities worldwide, featuring K-pop performances, a Korean language contest and a variety of Korean cuisine.

A RoK film festival will also take place in Ho Chi Minh City from October 18-24 and in Hanoi from December 6-8, offering the public a number of traditional and popular films.

During the Korean culinary festival from November 3-4 in Hanoi, a photo exhibition will also be held to introduce the RoK’s landscape, cultural heritage and history to the Vietnamese public.

To mark the occasion, a representative office under the Korean National Tourism Adminstration will hold a dance contest in the smash ‘Gangnam Style’. More information on this event is available at www.visitkorea.org.vn.

On top of this, the second Korean Taekwondo Ambassadors Cup is expected to see 35 teams put on stunning performances of the martial art.

The Vietnam – RoK friendship night, organised by the Korea Foundation, will be attended by representatives from science and culture agencies, and those who have helped to develop ties between both two countries.-VNA