The northern and central regions are sweltering in a heat wave said to be the severe for several decades.

According to the National Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting Centre, over the past five days, day-time temperatures climbed to as high as 40 degree Celsius while night-time temperatures hovered around 29-32 degrees Celsius.

On June 17, the temperature in Hanoi surged to 39.7 degrees Celsius while several provinces in the central region of the country like Thanh Hoa and Nghe An provinces recorded temperatures of 40.3-40.4 degrees Celsius.

The westerly hot low-pressure system has moved in with southerly hot and dry wind of the northern delta, pushing up the temperatures..

The heat wave is expected subside as from June 20 with the arrival of a cold air mass, bringing showers to the northern and northern-central regions.

The remaining parts of the central region will continue to suffer from hot weather two or three more days./.