The Vietnam Red Cross Society (VRCS) sent urgently needed aid amounting to 160 million VND (7,330 USD) on July 29 to victims of the three-day torrential rain in north-eastern Quang Ninh province.

Each family with a member killed in the flooding received 3 million VND (137.5 USD) while local affected households were offered some 200 relief packages, including a set with a blanket and mosquito-net, water tank, cookware and Aquatabs water purification tablets.

A VRCS delegation headed by Vice President and General Secretary Doan Van Thai visited Quang Ninh later the same day to examine the flood damage and local relief needs.

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Red Cross chapter in Quang Ninh presented 45 million VND (2,062 USD) to injured victims and the families of those who lost their lives in the flood and mobilised volunteers to provide help for local residents.

It also calls on Red Cross chapters in cities and provinces nationwide to join its relief efforts.

In addition, the provincial Red Cross volunteer teams are scheduled to clean up affected areas and assist victims of flooding and landslides in early August.

The same day, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee also sent 450 million VND (20,600 USD) to assist the victims.

The torrential rain lasting from July 26-28 , the heaviest down-pour in 40 years, has left 23 people dead or missing and caused 1 trillion VND (over 45.8 million USD) in economic damage.-VNA