On the morning of February 12, the Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in collaboration with the Hanoi Youth Association for Voluntary Blood Donation held the opening ceremony of the 15th Red Spring Festival in Hanoi.

Accordingly, the event will take place at 5 locations in 9 days, lasting from February 12 to February 20, and is expected to receive 7,000 blood units.

At the Red Spring Festival, blood donors will carry out the blood donation process under disease control conditions according to the 5K regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Blood donors can register in advance via the link https://hienmau.vn/events/lehoixuanhong/ or through the Blood Donor App for better support.

Within the framework of the program, Meta Group - the parent company of Facebook, the world's largest social network, and the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion launched the Blood Donation feature on Facebook Vietnam.

The feature will go into operation from February 16, allowing blood receiving facilities in Vietnam to easily and quickly connect with blood donors, thereby helping to raise awareness about safe blood donation and increasing people's chances of accessing the nearest blood donation sites.

Initiated in 2008, the Red Spring Festival is the largest voluntary blood donation event in Vietnam, taking place at the beginning of the year with the message "donating blood to save lives".

The event made an important contribution to the national blood storage which is often in shortage after Tet.

In each event, the Red Spring Festival has affirmed its pervasive power and aroused thousands of benevolent hearts in the community.

Since 2010, the Red Spring Festival has been launched nationwide by the National Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation, becoming the highlight and unique feature of the blood donation movement in Vietnam.

After 14 years, the Red Spring Festival has attracted 250,000 attendees and received nearly 92,000 blood units./.