Two months after the first maintenance work was carried out on the Dung Quat Refinery, operations resumed at full capacity from Sept. 14.

Nguyen Hoai Giang, general director of the Binh Son Oil Refining and Petrochemical Co Ltd, said the resumption of operations at the Dung Quat Refinery plays an important role in lifting the burden from the shoulders of other petroleum companies that have been forced to import petrol at high exchange rates and expensive transport costs.

Giang said that during the maintenance work, experts fixed 55 technical problems.

Experts also increased the refinery's crude oil capacity by 34 percent, so that operations can continue uninterrupted when bad weather disrupts the delivery of imported oil.

Operations started at the refinery in February 2009, and to date, it has imported more than 12 million tonnes of crude oil./.