Reforming supervisory activities helps build law-governed socialist state: NA leader hinh anh 1NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue (standing) addresses the working session on April 13. (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Chairman of the National Assembly (NA) Vuong Dinh Hue on April 13 chaired a working session with the steering committee on making a plan on continuing to reform and improve the quality and efficiency of the parliament’s supervisory activities.

NA Secretary General and Chairman of the NA Office Bui Van Cuong noted this plan assesses supervisory activities by the parliament, the NA Standing Committee, the Council for Ethnic Affairs, NA committees, and delegations of legislators. It summarises those activities’ results, shortcomings and causes, along with lessons; points out reform viewpoints; proposes some reform measures and amendments to related legal regulations; as well as agencies and organisations’ responsibility for the plan implementation.

It also identifies some reform focuses, including the consideration of annual state budget reports, the organisation of question-and-answer sessions at meetings of the NA and its Standing Committee, and the selection of the number of issues for supervision.

Chairman Hue said the NA Standing Committee was assigned to make the plan, which is important to helping build a law-governed socialist state of the people, by the people, and for the people, perfect laws, and make decisions on important issues of the country.

Highlighting the NA’s effective reforms of supervisory activities since the start of the 15th tenure, he said the reform of supervisory activities consists of reforming legal regulations and implementation methodology.

The top legislator requested thorough evaluation of relevant legal rules, based on which appropriate amendment proposals should be submitted./.