Non-commercial State-run institutions in the scientific and technology sector have been asked to speed up reforms to become more sustainable in both organisation and financial activities.

In an announcement posted on the Government's web portal last week, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh said that reforms of scientific and technology institutions had been slow in the past, while the roadmap for them to become more independent and responsible for their own staff, management, financial activities and international cooperation had not been detailed or formalised.

Ninh urged the Ministry of Science and Technology to make plans for reforms appropriate for the sectors so each institution can choose the appropriate mechanism for itself and become more active in reforms.

Additionally, the ministry was asked to classify and place the institutions into groups, including those that will still be funded by the State budget, those which will have to be weaned from the State budget immediately, and those that will have to do so on a set schedule.

Also, the ministry will have to set a period of time for institutions to reform, while gradually reducing the rate of financial support from the State budget.

In the 2015-20 period, State-run institutions working in fundamental science will be ensured continuing financial support, while providing incentives to those that will reform to become financially independent.

Regarding scientific and technology missions, the Deputy Prime Minister asked the ministry to detail expenses, purchases and orders so that institutions can select their own implementation schemes and apply for the assignments and funding.-VNA