An international conference on global recession and strategies of left-wing and progressive movements in Southeast Asia took place in Hanoi on August 21.

The conference was organised by the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation (VPDF) in coordination with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLS) and the South-South People’s Solidarity Network.

Addressing the event, Nguyen Thi Binh, former Vice President and President of the VPDF reviewed the global socio-economic situation, as well as the performance of left-wing and progressive movements in Southeast Asia over the past years.

She applauded the development of the movements, which contribute significantly to the process of building the ASEAN Community of peace, security, prosperity and political stability.

She stressed Vietnam ’s enthusiasm for a peaceful and stable environment to further boost its success in renewal and development of the socialist-oriented market economy.

During the two day conference, participants will also discuss the impact of the global recession on each country and people’s movements.-VNA