The fourth workshop on cooperation between the National Assemblies of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia opened in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on March 3. It will focus on the legislatures’ supervision role in State budget.

The Vietnamese delegation was headed by Bui Dang Dung, Deputy Head of the NA Finance and Budget Committee. Other members of the delegation included Deputy Auditor General Hoang Hong Lac, Standing Deputy Finance Minister Nguyen Cong Nghiep and Vietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia Ngo Anh Dung.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Cambodian NA Chairman Heng Samrin, who is also chair of the workshop, stressed the supervisory role of parliaments in financial and State budget management during national construction and development.

The four-day event is an opportunity for the three sides to exchange views on the issue and share experience in State budget management, focusing on the coordination between the legislative bodies in State budget supervision, and other issues.

Participants will discuss building a closer cooperation mechanism between the NAs’ relevant committees in strengthening financial and State budget supervision activities to serve each country’s development demand.

The workshop also focuses on the coordination between NA committees and Government offices to ensure sources of finance, budgets and assistant funds are used for proper purposes and in transparent manner to reduce poverty, eliminate hunger and implement the socio-economic development tasks of each country.

The event’s results are expected to contribute to building legal policies, reforming the policy system and increasing the efficiency of State budget management to meet the demand of macro-economic stabilisation, and serve socio-economic development and international economic integration of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the new situation.-VNA