Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh approved the ASEAN +3 Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR) agreement April 26, which the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will implement.

Under the APTERR agreement, member countries will provide 787,000 tonnes of rice to enhance the quick response capacity of ASEAN +3 when supply and production are affected by natural disasters in order to maintain price stability in those countries.

Vietnam and Myanmar will each contribute 14,000 tonnes; Thailand, 15,000 tonnes; Indonesia and the Philippines, 12,000 tonnes each; Malaysia, 6,000 tonnes; Singapore, 5,000 tonnes; and Brunei, Laos and Cambodia, 3,000 tonnes each. China , Japan and South Korea will provide 300,000 tonnes, 250,000 tonnes and 150,000 tonnes, respectively.

Ninh also agreed that Viet Nam will take part in the rice emergency stock co-ordinated by APTERR's secretariat. MARD and the Ministry of Finance have been assigned the task of proposing the form and level of emergency assistance offered for the Prime Minister's final approval.-VNA