Many historical relic sites have been damaged or even fallen into oblivion over the years. Dien Hai Citadel in Da Nang city is no exception. Yet, with local authorities and people’s determined efforts, the relic site has been restored and preserved.

Dien Hai Citadel was first built as a military outpost and an important defensive position.

The citadel was recognised as a national historical relic site in 1988. However, it was damaged both by natural and human factors over a long period of time.

Thanks to the determination of local cultural authorities, the significance of Dien Hai citadel is no longer played down.

Since its recognition as a special national historical relic site in March 2018, urgent measures have been adopted, including permanently halting construction works within the relic site, relocating households residing in the west side of the site and moving Da Nang Museum out of the citadel, among others.

The first phase of restoration scheme for Dien Hai citadel with estimated capital of 4.3 million USD has been completed. The municipal government has just approved a plan worth more than 1 million USD to restore the southern gate of the citadel; while the second phase of the restoration scheme is scheduled to proceed this year and next.-VNA