Good collaboration has been received from political demonstrators in Bangkok who were sent from their rally sites toward their homes on May 22 night, according to the Thai Army.

Deputy Army spokesperson, Colonel Winthai Suwari, said the Ministry of Transport has provided large buses to shuttle political demonstrators in the Ratchadamnoen, Victory Monument and Khok Wua areas back to their home provinces.

The demonstrators have collaborated well with the authorities, although some have asked to remain at the rally sites to depart in the morning, as they have already made appointments with relatives.

Meanwhile, 30 buses have been sent to service the demonstrators at the United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship's (UDD) rally site on Utthayan Rd. Officials from Army Area 1 have supervised the relocation there, and they need some time to restore the traffic lanes and return the area to its normal state.

Col. Winthai also asked the public to pay no heed to false rumors of a cabinet-in-exile, or the occurrence of armed clashes resulting from the reclaiming of rally sites.

He also noted that members of the public who need to leave their places of residence during the curfew may contact military officials in their area and do so.-VNA