All of remaining workers in war-torn Libya will be bound for home between late August and early September, a senior official has confirmed.

As of August 22, over 340 workers were still there, mostly in the north-western city of Misrata and Ghadamis oasis town, said deputy head of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs’ Department for Overseas Labour Management Pham Viet Huong, adding that their employers offered them airline tickets.

Between August 23 and 26, around 40 workers in Libya, in two groups, will travel home from Tunis airport, Tunisia.

According to Vietnamese Ambassador Dao Duy Tien, 94 out of 103 working under a contract between Sona company and Greek contractor Tageco in the south-western city of Sabha were evacuated to Tunisia.

The first group with 63 came to Hanoi on a commercial flight departing from Tunis airport on August 22. The remaining will land in the capital in the afternoon a day later.

A special working mission led by Huong will continue offering relief to workers at a border gate between Libya and Tunisia, and assisting others in procedures to go home.

Another working group from the ministry is helping with evacuation in Tripoli, Libya.