Ly Son island district of the central province of Quang Ngai will be connected to the national power grid by an undersea cable network, which is slated to complete in the third quarter next year.

The Quang Ngai provincial authorities and the Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) under the Electricity of Vietnam discussed how to quickly deploy the project at a working session on October 23.

EVN officials suggested the province quickly complete land clearance for the on-land section of the power transmission line. They also proposed adjusting the shipping routes around the island and the sea routes for fishing boats to facilitate the construction of the undersea cable line.

The provincial leaders pledged to do all they can to ensure the work go smoothly.

The power transmission line from mainland to Ly Son, with a 26.2km section running under water, will cost about 652.5 billion VND (a 31 million USD). The State budget and the National Coal and Mineral Industries group provide 85 percent of the costs, while EVN CPC shoulders the remaining 15 percent.

At present, the only thermal electric power plant on Ly Son island can only supply local residents with electricity for six hours a day at double the cost of power on the mainland.

The power shortage is hindering economic development in the island, which holds great potential for tourism and fisheries.-VNA