Tourism, chemical, light industry and other cross-sector enterprises saw the highest improvement in their financial capacity, increasing by over 60 percent, as released in a report on the health status of businesses. “The 2014 Business Index – Corporate financial capacity”, published by the Institute of Business Studies & Development (INBUS) under the University of Business and Technology, was made public on January 27.

The report compares enterprises’ financial capacity across sectors and demonstrates their business performance improvement over the past year.

As many as 109 firms in transport, construction materials, mechanics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare services, garments and textiles, books and school equipment, construction, and minerals sectors increased by roughly 50-60 percent.

INBUS Head Nguyen Manh Quan said the institute will continue supporting businesses to enhance their performance in accordance with the international standard confidence index system (CIS) and Business Profile, as well as assisting in the international integration process.

The business index provides necessary information to stakeholders and reveals businesses’ contribution to their sectors and the economy, said President of the Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors Dang Van Thanh.-VNA