Politburo member and permanent member of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat Truong Tan Sang presented a report on the Presidium’s explanations of delegates’ recommendations to the draft documents submitted to the 11 th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

According to the report, from Jan. 12 to Jan. 14, the Congress discussed the documents in an eb ullient atmosphere with 1,402 recommendations made in groups and 27 others made at the hall.

Most of the recommendations concurred with documents submitted to the Congress, saying that the documents which touched upon important issues of the Party and the nation were thoroughly and scientifically prepared in both content and form of representation. The documents have made correct assessments of the real situation of the country and the Party with high level summarisation and meaning and seriously and selectively obtained recommendations from Party Congresses at all levels and organisations and people. They contained new points and collected people’s recommendations with improved quality compared with documents sent to previous Party Congresses and reached high consensus on key issues in both theoretical and practical terms.

However, some recommendations said that the documents have failed to manifest the spirit of a strong, comprehensive and profound renewal; a number of policies and solutions were neither concrete nor feasible and not reflecting reality; and focus had not yet been paid to settling problems in the reality of social circumstances where many people faced pressing issues.

The Presidium has proposed the Congress absorb logical and exact recommendations to perfect the Congress’ documents and to mandate practical activities in the future. A number of difficult issues with various recommendations will be carefully studied after the 11 th Congress. Proposals to amend a number of words, rearrange words and sentences and correct the documental mistakes will be assigned to the Politburo of the 11 th tenure to correct and perfect before an official announcement.

The Presidium of the Congress has clarified a number of important issues in documents for the Congress to consider and make decisions on. The Presidium has suggested the Congress affirm the theme of the 11 th National Party Congress: “Continuing to improve the Party’s capability and combativeness, comprehensively bringing into play the strength of the entire nation, promoting the renewal process and creating a foundation for the country to basically become an industrialised nation by 2020”.

The report also proposed schemes for the name of the Political Platform, economic specifications of the socialist society, market economy development and the 2011-20 socio-economic development strategy.

Regarding the political report, the Presidium has made a report on compassing and explaining the evaluation of the implementation of the Resolution of the 10 th Congress, the 2011-15 economic development targets and renewing and strengthening the Party organisation and apparatus and the political system.

The Presidium has apprehended delegates’ comments that the results in a number of fields remained limited. They included increasing the quality and efficiency of the State economy, developing the collective economy, land management and overcoming the widening gap between the rich and the poor. The Presidium proposed the Congress assign the Party Central Committee of the 11 th tenure to focus on leading and instructing the job to make clear changes in the above fields.

The Presidium has also clarified delegates’ recommendations in the evaluation part of the report on State economic groups and corporations, the situation of trade deficit, State over-expenditure, the foreign debts of the Government and the nation, the risk of inflation, and the quality and efficiency of the nation’s economic competitiveness.

Based on the report on the Presidium’s explanations, the delegates voted on a number of issues in the content of the Congress documents.

At the session, the vote-counting committee announced the result of the election of the 11 th Party Central Committee with 175 official members and 25 alternates.

On the afternoon of Jan. 18, the 11 th Party Central Committee held its first session to elect the Politburo, the Party General Secretary, the Secretariat, the Commission for Inspection and Director of the Commission for Inspection.

On the morning of Jan. 19, the Congress will hold its closing session./.