Research launched to improve immunisation programme hinh anh 1A baby gets the measles vaccine at the Song Mai Commune Health Clinic in Bac Giang province. (Photo: VNS)

Hanoi (VNA) - A 12-month project to improve the governance of immunisation programme for children aged 0-23 months in Vietnam was launched at a workshop on April 27 in Hanoi.

With 100,000 USD in funding from WHO-UNICEF-GAVI, the project will be implemented by the Research and Training Centre for Community Development (RTCCD) and Departments of Health, Science and Technology of the northern Ha Nam Province.

“Vietnam’s healthcare system still has several shortcomings in quality of service, health insurance, food safety and immunisation, especially the after effects that follow the vaccine,” RTCCD Director Tran Tuan said.

“Our research and analyses showed problems occurred due to policies relating to the operation of the preventive medicine system. That is why we have proposed research on the governance of the immunisation programme for children worldwide, including Vietnam,” Tuan said.

Tuan said the research is expected to improve the system’s governance in Vietnam, with more transparency, accountability and responsibility in providing immunisation services to children below two years.

The project aims to describe the current system, identify the gaps between free-of-charge and fee-based systems and reach a consensus among stakeholders on the appropriate strategies to improve the country’s immunisation programme.

The outcome of the research is expected to be the foundation to develop strategies to integrate the Expanded Programme for Immunisation Services with the essential health packages covered by health insurance and the immunisation law by 2018.-VNA