The eighth session of the 13th National Assembly adopted resolutions on the socio-economic development plan and the state budget estimate for 2015 with a majority of votes on November 10.

With 89.54 percent of votes in favour, the resolution on the socio-economic development plan for 2015 was passed, focusing on the enhancement of macro-economic stability and the removal of obstacles for businesses and production.

It prioritises the acceleration of administrative reform; the fight against corruption and wastefulness; strengthening defence-security; safeguarding national sovereignty; and maintaining political and social order and safety.

The resolution sets a number of socio-economic targets, including a GDP growth rate of 6.2 percent, a total export value growth rate of 10 percent, a consumer good index (CPI) increase of 5 percent, and an increased social development capital of 30-32 percent. 

The proportion of poor households will be reduced by 1.7-2 percent; 1.6 million jobs will be created; unemployment in urban areas will be lowered to less than 4 percent; skilled labourers will account for 50 percent of the workforce; and the rate of malnutrition in children under the age of five will be less than 15 percent.

In the resolution, the NA calls for the effective implementation of strategic breakthroughs; the restructuring of the economy in accordance with the transformed growth model; improving the quality, effectiveness and competitiveness of products, businesses and the economy; reforming administrative procedures; accelerating the settlement of bad debts; and ensuring social welfare.

On the same day, the resolution on the state budget estimate for 2015 was approved with 88.13 percent of votes.

Accordingly, the budget revenue is projected at 921 trillion VND, while spending will be 1,147.1 trillion VND. This translates into a deficit of 226 trillion VND, equivalent to 5 percent of GDP.

The resolution calls on the government to pursue a tight fiscal policy, while strictly managing spending to prevent wastefulness and corruption and promoting careful spending.

Later that day, lawmakers discussed the revised enterprise law.-VNA