The National Assembly Standing Committee discussed the draft amended law on Anti-Corruption during its meeting on September 18.

The committee agreed that the 1995 anti-corruption law has established an important legal framework for the fight against corruption, but certain shortcomings have revealed in the process of implementation, that need to be addressed in the revised version.

The drafted revisions cover such contents as increasing State management transparency, particularly in the field of State budget collection, spending and allocation, land and natural resource management, State-owned economic groups and corporation, personnel affairs, measures to prevent corruption such as official's asset declaration.

NA's Ethnic Council Ksor Phuoc said he agreed with the draft’s proposal to add Party members to the list of people required to declare their assets. However, members of the NA Standing Committee still had different opinions regarding whether to make public officials’ assets declarations at both their working place and living quarters.

All participants agreed that there should be measures to ensure that the work is done properly and effectively.

Chairman of the NA Law Committee Nguyen Van Hien suggested the draft should give more specific regulations on who will have to declare their assets, their responsibilities, mechanisms of asset enumeration, verification, publicity and punishment for those who fail to comply..

Head of NA Office Phuc called for a comprehensive review of the current law on Anti-corruption since 2006 to detail its shortcomings.

The draft of the amended law with 8 chapters and 110 articles plans to be submitted to the next NA session.-VNA