A get together with the theme “Journalists – Social Responsibility and Citizens’ Duty” was held in Hanoi on June 17 to celebrate Vietnam’s 85th Revolutionary Journalism Day, which falls on June 21.

Prominent amongst the guests at the event were Truong Tan Sang, a member of the Politburo and permanent member of the Party Central Committee’s (PCC) Secretariat, Nguyen Bac Son, Deputy Head of the PCC’s Commission for Information and Education and Dinh The Huynh, President of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association.

A number of veteran journalists, including Ha Dang, Huu Tho, Phan Quang and Do Phuong, joined their younger colleagues for the programme that was broadcast live on VTV6.

The journalists, from many different generations talked about the milestones in their careers and unforgettable memories as well as their thoughts and concerns.

Veteran journalists gave the participants, especially the younger journalists, an insight into how they had lived and worked during wartime, while others talked about their work during the country’s renewal process.

Also on June 17, a book of photographs titled “War Memories” by journalist Chu Chi Thanh, former Director of the Photography Department at the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), was made public.

The book is a collection of photos taken from 1967 to 1973 by Thanh himself, who was also former President of the Vietnam Photographers Association.

The VNA’s General Director Tran Mai Huong said that the photos feature some simple moments in life and the Vietnamese army and people’s struggle during the war – a glorious episode in the nation’s history.

He went on to say that the images in the book will exist forever, helping to educate the younger generations who were born in peacetime as well as encouraging people to be more patriotic.

In celebration of Vietnam’s 85th Revolutionary Journalism Day, a charity event called “Journalists – Witnessing History” will be held on June 20.

On this occasion, the organisers and donors will grant 30 savings books worth 5 million VND each and 30 wheelchairs to disadvantaged war veterans and the relatives of journalists who laid down their lives during the war./.