The “ Riverscapes In Flux” exhibition opened in Ho Chi Minh City on May 12, highlighting the key ecological issues in Southeast Asia.

Organised by the Goethe Institute, the exhibition showcases the works of 17 young artists from Vietnam , Thailand , Myanmar , Cambodia , Indonesia and the Philippines . These artists reflect the ecological, socio-economic and cultural changes that the rivers in their countries are currently experiencing.

According to the Goethe Institute, Southeast Asia is characterised by big river landscapes like no other place in the world. These riverscapes resemble life lines and roads which have developed into economic zones and vital ecosystems. The waterways secure food production and energy supply not only for the local population but often for a vast region.

However, the economic exploitation of the rivers and the consequences of dynamic socio-economic development, typical for many Southeast Asian countries, have caused long-term damage to the river landscapes.

The exhibition is expected to contribute to raising awareness of the invaluable ecological and cultural heritage which the river landscapes in Southeast Asia represent and create networks between artists beyond borders.

After Hanoi and HCMC, Goethe-Institute will present the exhibition in Bangkok , Phnom Penh , Jakarta and Manila.-VNA