A representative of KB Kookmin Bank speaks at the ceremony presenting the houses to poor workers in Phu Tho (Source: www.phuthodfa.gov.vn)

Hanoi (VNA) – The trade union of the KB Kookmin Bank of the Republic of Korea (RoK) has recently granted 20 houses to poor labourers in Thanh Thuy and Yen Lap districts of the northern province of Phu Tho.

With the help of the Vietnam – RoK Cultural Exchange Centre and the trade union of the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), the RoK bank also presented necessities worth 110,000 USD and sent 100 volunteers, including its staff members, to build houses for local residents.

In addition, the Korean bank handed over 250 schoolbags and stationeries to students of Xuan Vien primary school in Yen Lap district.

It also presented 150 school uniforms to students of Binh Yen secondary school in Tuyen Quang province, which received a two-storey building from the bank last year.

On the occasion, each of the two schools received 10 laptops from the RoK bank.-VNA