A company from the Republic of Korea (RoK), Kumho Tyres, will provide 140 million Won (roughly 124,000 USD) in aid to construct a headquarters for the Association of Vietnamese Communities in the RoK (AVCK) and to host the Vietnamese – RoK family festival.

A two-year agreement was signed by the Vietnamese Embassy in Seoul on April 6 between AVCK and the Kumho Tyres Company.

When giving a speech at the ceremony, the company’s Director Kim Chang-kiu said that the event offers all the concerned parties a great opportunity to strengthen and promote friendship between the two countries.

He said he hopes that the AVCK will use the available funding to increase their community activities, which will consolidate the friendship and cooperation that already exist between the RoK and Vietnam

Tran Trong Toan, Vietnam ’s Ambassador to the RoK, pledged to work closely with AVCK’s provisional executive board to ensure the aid is used effectively and help to build a strong Overseas Vietnamese community. He said that it should facilitate their integration into the host country while maintaining their national identity.

He added that as a newly-established association, the AVCK should prioritise promoting good relations between both nations.

Le Anh Thu, the provisional Vice President of AVCK, said it is a significant move at a time when the two countries are preparing to celebrate the 20 th anniversary of their diplomatic ties.-VNA