Ilshin Vietnam, a subsidiary of Ilshin Company from the Republic of Korea (RoK), inaugurate a fiber factory with an annual capacity of 15,800 tonnes in the southern province of Tay Ninh on October 8.

 Covering an area of 220,000 sq.m. in the Phuoc Dong-Boi Loi industrial park, the factory has a total capital investment of 177 million USD.

The factory specialises in producing thread, finished fiber, and knitted fabric for export to the RoK, the US, Japan, and China. It will create jobs for about 500 locals.

Phuoc Dong-Boi Loi industrial park has a total of 1,417 hectares of land for hire in a complex of 2,190 hectares.

By September this year, the industrial park attracted 19 foreign investment projects with a total registered capital of 1.87 billion USD and 2 domestic projects with investment capital of 318 billion VND (about 14 million USD).

As many as 12 projects have begun operations, employing nearly 17,500 workers.-VNA