The Customs Department of the southern province of Dong Nai organised a talk with 130 enterprises from the Republic of Korea (RoK) located in the locality on August 28, updating them on new tax and customs regulations, and providing them an opportunity to express their opinions.

The firms were informed of a new circular issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology on the import of second-hand equipment, as well as policies on corporate income, foreign contractor tax and value-added taxes.

Representatives from the department also answered the investors’ questions on customs clearance procedures, investment incentives, regulations on the recruitment of foreigners, and health insurance.

According to head of department Le Van Danh, the local customs sector will continue its efforts to shorten the duration of customs clearance, make fees more transparent, and support enterprises via direct dialogues and other channels.

So far, RoK businesses have invested in 280 projects worth more than 4.3 billion USD in Dong Nai, ranking second among foreign investors in the number of projects in the province. As many as 10 percent of Vietnam ’s total RoK projects are located in Dong Nai.-VNA