Vietnam ’s founding President Ho Chi Minh’s idea “To take root in people” was compared to the idea “Love people” developed by Jeong Jak-yong, a late leading Korean philosopher, at a workshop in the Republic of Korea , on May 17.

Professor Ahn Kyong Hwan, who translated President Ho’s poetry collection “Diary in Prison” into Korean, expressed great admiration for the Vietnamese leader in his essay, “Ideology and morale of President Ho Chi Minh through His Testament”.

Ahn told Vietnam News Agency that after finishing the translation he was strongly impressed by President Ho’s humane ideology, patriotism and moral life.

“Diary in Prison is not only a historic document but also an educational resource for the Vietnamese people as it reflects Ho Chi Minh’s philosophy, morale, personality and patriotism,” said the expert on Vietnam .

Vietnamese head delegate to the workshop Chu Duc Tinh emphasised the similarity of viewpoints between Vietnamese and Korean historians on President Ho’s contributions, the influence of his thoughts and his morale and human behaviour.

Tinh, who is Director of the Ho Chi Minh Museum, highlighted Korean scholars’ effort in researching, collecting and analysing documents on President Ho’s life as a contribution to increasing Korean understanding of the Vietnamese leader, as well as their respect for him.

Vietnamese Ambassador to the RoK Tran Trong Toan described the workshop as an event of great significance, at a point when the two countries are making preparations for Vietnam-RoK Friendship Year 2012, in celebration of the 20 th anniversary of Vietnam-RoK diplomatic relations.

He said the late President’s ideology has created a huge momentum for the Vietnamese people to turn Vietnam into a reliable partner of the international community, struggling for peace, independence, cooperation and mutual development.

Vietnam and the RoK have enjoyed constant development of bilateral relations over the past two decades, which have now reached the level of a strategic cooperative partnership./.