The Republic of Korea (RoK) will export more farm produce to the Southeast Asia, its second largest market, according to a press release issued by the Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation (AT) on March 19.

It said the RoK is seeing sluggish food export due to the global economic slowdown and the weakening of Japanese yen, leading to fewer shipments to Japan, its biggest importer of food.

Meanwhile, its exports to the Southeast Asia have turned stable as a result of the wave of K-pop music.

Last year, the RoK earned 985.4 million USD from exports to ASEAN, up 19 percent from 2012. Over the past five years, its annual exports to the bloc have grown by an average of 32 percent.

AT Chairman Kim Jae-soo said the corporation will help local exporters sharpen their competitive edges and hold a series of trade promotion activities across the ASEAN throughout this year.

It will also produce food for Muslims in the region, of them, nearly 220 million are in Indonesia.-VNA