So far this year, the Korea Tourism Organisation representative office in Vietnam has been holding various conferences and joining exhibitions and marketing activities to attract more and more Vietnamese tourists.

Office chief representative Kang Sungghil further said that the government of the Republic of Korea is applying more open policies in favour of Vietnamese tourists such as reducing the visa fee and broadening the electronic visa application.

Vietnam creates a new market with huge potential such as a large population, the majority of which are young who are eager to travel, and an increasing per capita income, the official said, adding that his country is diversifying tourism products in anticipation of the imminent influx of tourists from Vietnam .

The number of tourists of the two countries visiting the other has seen a sharp increase over the past three years. Currently there are from 14 to 10 flights shuttling between the two countries everyday, and tourism companies in Vietnam said the booking of air tickets is rather difficult as the flights are always full.

Statistics show that tourists from the RoK to Vietnam last year numbered 700,000 while those taking the other direction were only 105,530.-VNA