RoK’s traditional dances to charm Vietnamese audience hinh anh 1Yun Myung Hwa Ensemble Dance group (Source:
Hanoi (VNA)Vietnamese audiences will be enchanted with several resplendent and lissome dances from the Republic of Korea ’s traditional dance group Yun Myung Hwa Ensemble.

Their first show will be on stage at 07:30 pm on April 29 at Hanoi ’s Youth Theatre. The group will also introduce their stunning traditional and contemporary dances from the RoK during the Hue Festival in the central city on May 1- 2.

Especially, during the Hue Festival the group will bring numerous well-known dances from Korea such as the fan dance Buchaechum, Bisang dance, a sword dance, Sogo dance, Jindo dance, Ip-chum dance.

Director of the Korean Cultural Centre, Nark Jong, said the art performance programme is a chance for Vietnamese audiences to experience the beauty of the RoK’s traditional dances, music and costume.

2016 marks a decade since the establishment of the Korean Cultural Centre in Vietnam, hence the centre is regularly holding several cultural exchange programmes in order to further boost the two countries’ relations.

Tickets can be collected for free at the Korea Cultural Centre in Vietnam, 49 Nguyen Du, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

Yoon Myung Hwa Dance Ensemble was founded in 1998 with 20 artists, in an attempt to promote the RoK’s traditional dances and to create new ones inspired by authentic dances, and consistently pursue this approach throughout its development process. 

The ensemble has received popular appreciation for the aesthetic values of its performances both at home and abroad.-VNA