Rubber tyre wall installed along dangerous mountain pass hinh anh 1The rubber tyre wall is installed along the Lo Xo mountain pass to limit traffic accidents (Photo:

Quang Nam (VNA) -
 A wall of rubber tyres has been installed along Lo Xo mountain pass which passes through the central provinces of Quang Nam and Kon Tum.

The installation followed a decision by the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to ensure traffic safety along the mountain pass.

The project has been allocated funds of 4.5 billion VND (193,500 USD).

The work started in October last year, and so far 800m of the wall is in place. The transport sector will complete more than 1,100m of the wall this year.

To build the wall, iron pillars were driven into the ground and old rubber tyres were placed on top. The tyres were filled with sand.

The Lo Xo mountain pass stretches dozens of kilometres, with numerous obstacles. The road is steep in parts, with high mountains on one side and cliff edges on the other.

As many as 192 traffic accidents were recorded along the mountain pass from January 2005 to June last year. The accidents killed 65 people and injured 333 others.

The latest accident occurred in June last year killing three people and injuring dozens.-VNA