Illustrative image (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) - Individuals of State agencies and organisations should be banned from using vehicles and other assets that are presented or donated by organisations or individuals, the National Assembly Standing Committee agreed at a debate on April 20.

Discussing the draft of the revised Law on Management and Use of State Assets, many opinions pointed to the fact that a number of State agencies and organisations receive and use assets presented or given by organisations and individuals in violation of regulations, especially cars or other assets for individual use, leading to public concern.

On the other hand, even when the gifts are legal, the use of them by an individual will raise doubt about that individual’s impartiality when dealing with issues related to the givers.

Therefore, the verifying board and the compiling board agreed to add to Article 10 on banned activities that individuals are prohibited from using vehicles and other assets that are presented or donated by organisations or individuals.

Regarding the definition and classification of public assets, the NA Standing Committee also asked the law’s compiling board to add to Article 1, Clause 1 of Article 3 and Clause 5 of Article 4 the category of “money of the State budget, extra-budgetary State financial funds and State foreign currency reserves”.

Some participants proposed that “lucky” telephone numbers and vehicle registration numbers, along with intellectual property, database, the airspace and territorial waters, among others, should be included in Article 4 on classification of public assets.

In response to the proposals, the committee instructed the compiling board to add “the other stocks of numbers serving State management according to law” to Clause 6 of Article 4, while noting that other groups such as IP rights, database, intangible assets, cultural and historical values, and airspace and territorial waters have been classified in other groups of assets.

The committee also asked the compiling board to include in the law the Government’s power in regulating the exploitation of the stocks of numbers serving State management.-VNA