The ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) on February 13 called on the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) to hold talks on measures for the election reform.
The CPP said in its statement that it is willing to establish a Government committee to study options for the election reform.

At the same time, it blamed the CNRP for the delay of election reform as the opposition party keeps changing demands from what were agreed during a summit convened by the two Parties last September.

Earlier the same day, CNRP President Sam Reinsy said his party will assign representatives to the negotiations so as to hold the next election in a proper manner.

Cambodia has been trapped in a political crisis following the general election last July, in which the ruling party won 68 parliamentary seats and the opposition party got the remaining 55 seats.

The opposition refused to accept the outcome claiming serious irregularities and has boycotted parliament. They also held many protests - some of them had turned violent - in order to demand the resignation of Hun Sen and a re-election.

Hun Sen said he would neither step down nor call a re-vote.

Leaders of both parties met twice last September to settle the conflict but they failed to reach any consensus.-VNA