A national census on rural areas and agricultural and fishery production will be conducted nationwide from July 1 to 30 next year, aiming to collect basic information on agriculture and rural areas for socio-economic policy and strategy planning.

The census focuses on three key contents – agricultural, forestry, salt and fishery production; rural condition; and rural population.

The survey on agricultural, forestry, salt and fishery production will collect information on the number of production units; labourers and labour structure in each sector; production scale and capacity of production units; restructuring progress; impacts of agricultural production on the environment, among others.

The rural area survey will look into rural economic structure and restructuring process, socio-economic infrastructure development; impacts of climate change and sea level rise; rural environment and data relating to the outcomes of the n ational target programme on building new - style rural areas .

Living condition of rural households; their access to financial assistance; rural vocational training; and roles of women in agricultural, forestry and fishery production will be assessed through a survey on rural population.-VNA