Environmental issues have been challenging targets in the scheme of building new-style rural areas in numerous localities. Aware of this, the Women’s Union of Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province has established a model of voluntary environmental protection which has proven effective.

This 2km road connecting Bich Tay and Hoang Xa hamlets of Nam Sach district looks neat thanks to local women’s hard work. In the beginning of August, the communal government and leaders provided the Women’s Union with a small fund to plant flowers along the street.

Realising the benefits of planting flowers, most local women voluntarily contributed their own money and time to clean the street.

Thanks to their enthusiasm, the street had a new beautiful look after only a month.

“The grass was so bad that some spirits were dampened. But when witnessing the participation of other women, they also mucked in and realised the work wasn’t that hard,” said Le Thi Hue, a local in Bich Tay Hamlet, Nam Chinh Commune, Nam Sach District, Hai Duong province.

Hue said people are happy as now they can walk on beautiful streets.

Apart from the road, many streets and roads in Nam Chinh Commune have been cleaned and decorated with flowers. Walking on the tidy streets, local people are proud of what they have done.

“This street used to be a mess. After the flowers were planted, people have kept the street clean. Not even a straw can be found along the street now,” said Nguyen Van Hai, a local in Bich Tay Hamlet, Nam Chinh Commune, Nam Sach District, Hai Duong province.

Simple and cost-saving, the model has brought an unexpectedly profound effect to Nam Chinh Commune. The local government expects 10,000 sqm of public areas, including streets, health clinics, and People’s Committee office, to be decorated with flowers by 2018.

Besides planting flowers, many practical actions for environmental protection have been promoted by the Women’s Union.

“We are going to propose the local government to resume “Green Sundays”, “Cleaning Family” and “Waste separation at source” models,” said Dang Thi Nga, Vice Chairwoman of Nam Sach District’s Women Union.

Nga said the union will also call on assistance from fertiliser firms to keep up the work of planting flowers on streets.

The efforts to protect environment and improve rural landscape of the district’s Women’s Union and local people has been paying off with a clean living space which cheers people up and improves public health.-VNA