Vietnam ’s renewal process over the past 25 years has reaped an array of great achievements and successfully solved the set tasks, especially social issues.

Mikhail Titarenko, Director of the Russian Far Eastern Institute, delivered the remarks at a seminar, which was held by the institute’s Vietnam-ASEAN Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow on May 18.

In regard to the 11 th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Titarenko said the congress’s decisions marked a turning-point and ushered in a new development period of Vietnam .

These decisions should be carefully studied to introduce widely in Russian society, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Bui Dinh Dinh applauded the institute’s hosting of the seminar, adding that the event showed Vietnam ’s increasing position, role and prestige on the international arena.

The ambassador expressed his hope that such seminars would help Russian friends better understand the country and people of Vietnam, thus further strengthening and developing Vietnam-Russia traditional relations and their strategic partnership.

At the seminar, more than 20 scientists and scholars presented speeches on two themes, “Present Vietnam” and “Traditional Vietnam”, covering a wide range of aspects such as Vietnam’s socialist path, the 11 th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam amid the international context, changes in Vietnam’s economic development model, and modernisation – the major ideology of the Russia-Vietnam partnership.

The seminar was the second of its kind organised by the Vietnam-ASEAN Research Centre, after the first in April 2010./.