Vietnam and Russia should have cooperation agreement on film production in order to promote exchanges of experience among film producers from both countries, said Phedor Maksimovich Popov, director of Russia’s Stella film studio.

“Vietnam has numerous cinemas and a large movie audience,” said the Russian director at a meeting at the Hanoi-based Russian Centre for Science and Culture on Oct. 27, in the framework of the Russian film week in Vietnam . The film festival was aimed at promoting Russian culture in Vietnam, he added.

“Russian film week will be held annually in Vietnam . From now to the next term, we want to discuss and promote film cooperation between both nations.”

The deputy secretary general of the Russian Cinematography Association, Lazaruk Sergey Vladimirovich, also said that Vietnam’s movie industry was growing, and that this was a chance for both countries to cooperate in making films.

However, Vladimirovich pointed out the absence of Russian films in Vietnam’s cinemas in the recent past, stressing the need for concerned agencies of the two nations to work on a cooperation pact in this field.

The Russian film Zvezda (the Star), directed by Nikolai Lebedev, opened the week of Russian cinema in Vietnam, which ended on Oct. 28.

The festival’s programme included recent Russian films of various genres, ranging from family pictures and war films to melodramas like Spartak and Kalashinikov, a moving story of friendship between orphan Shurka Kalashnikov and a shepherd dog named Spartak, the fantastic adventure film by Andrei Malyukov, We Are from the Future, and a contemporary psychological melodrama by Yaroslav Chevazhevsky, Kuka.

After the success of the film week in Hanoi, similar events will be held in Da Nang and HCM City in the near future./.