Russian firms asked to prepare for EAEU, SOC, ASEAN cooperation hinh anh 1 Russian President Vladimir Putin (Source: AFP/VNA)
Moscow (VNA) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on major businesses in the country to give proposals to promoting economic collaboration among member countries of cooperation organisations such as EAEU, SOC and ASEAN.

At a meeting with leaders of Russia’s leading companies on December 24, Putin stressed that the the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), the Shanghai Commerce Organisation (SOC) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) cover a huge market and thus enterprises should make best preparations for future integration.

Earlier in a Federation message read on December 4, the Russian President proposed starting consultations between the EAEU and member nations of SOC and ASEAN on the creation of an economic partnership based on the principles of equality and mutual interests. He suggested innitially focusing on protecting capital sources and optimising cross-border goods circulation procedures, and drafting technical standards for new-generation products, towards opening the door for service and consulting markets.

Although difficulties such as trade sanctions, low oil prices and fluctuated foreign exchange rate in 2015, Russia ensured stable operation for its businesses and jobs for labourers, Putin noted.-VNA