Russian, Indian scholars share feelings about President Ho Chi Minh hinh anh 1Professor and Dr Vladimir Kolotov, head of the Ho Chi Minh Institute at the Saint Petersburg State University (Source: VNA)

Moscow (VNA) - President Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts were built on a firm foundation of revolutionary ethics, Professor and Dr Vladimir Kolotov, head of the Ho Chi Minh Institute at the Saint Petersburg State University, told Vietnam News Agency correspondents in Russia on the occasion of the late President’s 130th birthday.

One of the leading Russian scholars in Vietnamese studies, Kolotov stressed that the President’s ethical values were solid based on the combination of both Western and Eastern philosophy.

President Ho always emphasised the just role of the Vietnamese people in the struggle for national liberation and reunification, he stated.

He highlighted the role and significance of morality and justice amid an unstable world, stressing the need to popularise President Ho’s thoughts, as the more the world relies on ethics, the better it will become.

President Ho Chi Minh, he went on, not only played an important role in Vietnam’s liberation and reunification but was also a renowned revolutionary who wrote books on revolutionary theory and practices in the late 1920s and early 1930s.

Kolotov also affirmed that President Ho always left a good impression on those he met.

Several Indian scholars also shared their opinions on President Ho.

Professor Jayachandra Reddy, head of the Centre for Southeast Asian and Pacific Studies at the Sri Venkateswara University and co-editor of the book “Ho Chi Minh with India”, affirmed that the whole world recognises that Ho Chi Minh is a legendary Vietnamese leader.

He admires President Ho, he explained, because of his leadership and unyielding fighting spirit for national liberation.

Sharing the same opinion, General Secretary of the India-Vietnam Solidarity Committee of West Bengal state Prava Samantaray said she is impressed by President Ho’s characters and lifestyle and has taken part in many seminars, programmes, and lectures on the late Vietnamese leader./.