Professor Kolotov talks to VNA reporters (Source: VNA)

Moscow (VNA) – A Russian scholar on Vietnamese study has said the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) has consistently pursued the policy of protecting national interest since its foundation in 1930, which he said is the only correct path.

Talking to Vietnam News Agency reporters on the occasion of the 12th National Congress of the CPV which is underway in Hanoi from January 20, Professor Vladimir Kolotov, director of the Ho Chi Minh Institute under the St. Petersburg University, said the Party’s Political Report at the 12th congress has given a full assessment of the domestic and international situations and outlined a programme of action to safeguard the national interests.

Prof Kolotov underlined the impressive economic achievements Vietnam has gained during the 30 years carrying out the cause of Doi Moi (renovation). He noted that the country has joined the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), and normalized relations with the US and China, both of which are now leading trade partners of Vietnam.

This show a certain balance in Vietnam’s economic relations and the country is not dependent on any single country or single bloc, he said, adding that it is a balanced policy to protect the country’s national interest, which is a correct policy pursued by many other countries.

According to the professor, Vietnam needs good friends and partners to help safeguard the country’s economic and revolutionary achievements. He stressed that Russia is a reliable friend and partner of Vietnam and expressed hope that bilateral ties will grow further across all fields.

The Russian scholar wished the CPV’s 12th National Congress a success, making decisions and policies to enhance Vietnam’s economic strength and its position on the international arena./.