The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Group in Vietnam was launched in Hanoi on November 30.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Mozambique Ambassador Gamiliel Munuamble said that the establishment of the SADC Group in foreign countries aims to strengthen understanding about the development of the SADC and contribute to building the community through mobilising resources for the implementation of projects and plans.

The group will help boost the SADC’s relations with the host country in such areas as politics, socio-economics and science-technology, he added.

Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Phuong Nga congratulated the SADC on the establishment of its group in Vietnam , expressing her belief that the group will make active contributions to fostering the multi-faceted cooperation between SADC members and Vietnam .

SADC, currently chaired by Mozambique , was created in April, 1980. Initially the Southern Africa Development Coordination Conference (SADCC), it later turned into the SADC in August 1992.

The group is one of the most dynamic organisations in Africa, and comprises 15 member countries, of which three have opened their embassies in Vietnam , namely South Africa , Angola and Mozambique. /.VNA