Tac Xinh dance of the San Chay ethnic minority people in the northern province of Thai Nguyen was declared national intangible cultural heritage in 2014.However, few people are aware of this unique dance. Recently, Tac Xinh dance was introduced to Hanoians for the first time.

Tac Xinh dance is a form of performing that has been preserved and passed on by San Chay people for generations.

It expresses gratitude to their ancestors and the spiritual connections between nature and mankind, life and death, and the old and the young, as well as stimulating the wish to control nature.

The dance, popular in Tuc Tranh, Yen Lac and Phu Do communes, comprises nine patterns that feature daily life, including building houses, picking fruit, clearing land and celebrating harvests.

Tac Xinh has been performed all over Vietnam since 1996 and won first prize at the Vietnam Folk Songs and Dances Festival in 2013.

The recognition of Tac Xinh as a national intangible cultural heritage contributes to the preservation and development of Vietnamese cultural values.-VNA