Scholars and diplomats from Vietnam, the Middle East and African countries met at a workshop in Hanoi on September 22 to discuss new forms of terrorism and the international community’s reaction.

Ambassadors of Turkey, Algeria and Egypt to Vietnam, scientists, and scholars exchanged views and learned from experience in the fight against terrorism around the world.

They also presented research on new forms of terrorism as well as anti-terrorism efforts in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The potential risks from the waves of migration to Europe were also discussed.

According to scholars, in recent years, terrorism has expanded and become a threat to peace and security in many regions around the world.

Terrorists have not only established a wide network but also formed small groups existing independently in many areas, leaving no country beyond their reach.

Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Director of the Institute for Africa and Middle East Studies (IAMES), said new terrorism developments have hindered international counter efforts, requiring close coordination and experience sharing.

For Vietnam, besides addressing internal issues, scholars underlined cooperation expansion in preventing and fighting terrorism, experience sharing and information exchange on the fight with neighbouring countries, personnel training and use of modern anti-terrorism equipment.-VNA