A cafe that mixes science with refreshment has opened in HCM City, and is proving a magnet for young people interested in creativity, the sciences and unique drinks, Dan Tri online newspaper reported.

Located in a small alley in District 10, Cafe Lab is a small space designed to look like a laboratory, with colourful bumbling test-tubes and beakers, with a blackboard filled with chemical formulas, with a small library of scientific books.

The cafe was originally a quirky venue for doctors and medical students of nearby hospitals, such as Hung Vuong, Cho Ray and Ordento-Maxillo-Facial. But its popularity has grown to include young patrons who enjoy creativity.

Drink at the cafe are diverse, from local Vietnamese coffee to Mocha Frappuccino, Caramel Frappuccino, green tea, cookies and sodas, and serves such side dishes as Dark Choco, Java Chip, Cafe Jelli, and Almond Blend.-VNA