Associate Professor Tran Hong Con has spent time researching to deliver the most hygienic drinking water to Vietnamese people. After a long time of studying and experimenting, he has successfully developed a sewage treatment system allowing filtering polluted water to get drinkable one.

Given the contaminated groundwater in Hanoi, Associate Professor Con has put into operation a four-level sewage treatment system with Nanosky mineral filter to turn polluted To Lich river water into drinking water.

Featuring three layers to get rid of heavy metals, organic and ammonia compound, and arsenic and one layer of pasteurization, the system produces hygienic tap water which is accredited by Vietnam’s Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality. 

He had to work hard when choosing among thousands of materials in any corner of Vietnam to find the most reasonable and effective ones to devise the system.

His project has reached residential areas with polluted water thanks to his ongoing efforts and support from authorities and organisations.

Con’s dream of delivering pure tap water for everyone is gradually coming true.-VNA