A fascinating and inspirational sculptural exhibition entitled ‘The Birds’ has opened at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi, according to Nhan dan (People’s) online.

The exhibition, which will run until April 27, features over 150 works by young artist Thai Nhat Minh. T he sculptures, made of wood and aluminum casting, combine with bamboo to create two exhibition spaces.

The first space includes three square columns about three metres in height and 45–50 centimetres in width, from the floor up to the ceiling of the exhibition site. In addition, the artist uses straight, solid, dashed bamboo sections to form a cramped space – a birdcage. Inside the cage are many birds in different postures and moods.

The second space is an 80-square-meter room, created by bamboo sections connected with others, bended into curves as arcs to mimic the orbit of the birds.

The symbolism between the two spaces is the expression of the human heart to overcome the crampness of life’s challenges, spread one’s wings and soar to new and unimaginable heights.

Using sculpture as the expression language, but using installation to impact directly on the viewer. The author let the audiences experience themselves in that space and feel their own feeling.

Minh, a member of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association, has received many awards including a consolation prize of National Fine Art Exhibition (2006-2010) and awards from the Vietnam Fine Arts Association at Young Artist Club Exhibition in 2009 and at National Fine Art Festival in 2011.-VNA