“Nha Trang - Sea destination” is the theme of the 2011 sea festival scheduled for June 11-15, which will also focus on the Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago, Khanh Hoa provincial administration said.

As part of the festival, a series of events will unfold on Truong Sa, including a photo exhibition, making a map of the archipelago with coffee beans, a workshop about the islands, and singing about the island district at artistic performances.

All these activities aim to assert national sovereignty on the Truong Sa archipelago, Deputy Chairman of the Khanh Hoa People’s Committee Le Xuan Han said.

The other goal is to promote the image of the sea and islands of the central coastal province, where one of the world’s most beautiful bays is located.

Prior to the festival, numerous programmes will take place from June 2-10, which will culminate in a fireworks show at the opening ceremony on the evening of June 11.

Other festivities, such as presentation of gourmet food streets, street art, a wine festival, sand relief art, artistic kite flying, and an underwater collective wedding party will also be held to attract tourists to Nha Trang, to discover the national sea tourism potential.

It will be the fifth sea festival to be held by Khanh Hoa province since 2003, when the World’s Most Beautiful Bay Club admitted Nha Trang bay as its 29 th member./.