SeABank completes settlement of VAMC special bonds hinh anh 1A customer at a branch of SeABank in Hanoi (Photo: SeABank)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - The Southeast Asia Joint Stock Commercial Bank (SeABank) has completed the early redemption of all special bonds at the Vietnam Asset Management Company (VAMC), thereby helping the bank proactively monitor and handle bad debts.

The move also helps SeABank increase transparency in its financial statements, creating momentum for profit growth in subsequent years.

With the redemption of bonds before their expiry dates, SeABank has become one of the first banks in Vietnam to complete the settlement of special bonds at VAMC.

The total value of special bonds bought by SeABank from VAMC in 2019 was more than 3.5 trillion VND (150 million USD).

After the premature settlement of all special bonds, SeABank will not have to make provision for VAMC bonds from January 1, 2020, thereby contributing to increasing profits for the bank in the near future.

This year, Seabank increases its chartered capital to 9.3 trillion VND. The bank is recognised by the State Bank of Vietnam as having met Basel II international standards and has also been rated by Moody's long-term credit level B1 and voted by The Asian Banker in the Top 500 largest and most powerful banks in Asia-Pacific.

VAMC currently issues special bonds in return for bad debt, which banks may use as collateral to secure funding from the central bank. Most of the NPLs purchased from commercial banks are still stuck at the VAMC./.