The latest software, equipment and anti-virus solutions for data and web security management from major companies such as IBM, Symatech, and Nokia are on display at an exhibition that opened in Hanoi on March 24.

The exhibition is part of a two-day Security World 2009 seminar and exhibition, the fourth of its kind in Vietnam , co-organised by the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the International Data Group Vietnam (IDG Vietnam).

The event aims to introduce experiences and solutions for effective security for data and telecom systems of government agencies and businesses.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, last year nearly 60 million computers in Vietnam were infected by viruses, 461 websites were attacked by hackers and more than 40 hi-tech criminal cases resulted in losses totaling 30 trillion VND.

In the first quarter of this year alone, hackers attacked 42 websites due to security shortcomings.

According to the Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT), under the Ministry of Information and Communications, 40 percent of Vietnamese businesses have not yet installed network firewalls, 70 percent have not implemented processes to deal with information security problems, and 85 percent do not yet have information security policies./.